State of the Game

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State of the Game

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No not my sad opinion - the 'Muse on Minis' guys.
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Re: State of the Game

Post by Pendargon »

abbreviated version? I cannot listen to 1.5 hours of guys talking
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Re: State of the Game

Post by TheSerbianRaven »

I did, and honestly it was a waste of time.

A lot of it spent moaning about how to get new players into the game, and how easier it used to be. The way I used to do it was to point out that armies were smaller than Warhammer which kept the game from dragging on, and that the buy-in was a fraction of those armies.

They glossed over the fact that the old battle-boxes weren't a good way to get someone into a faction because they lacked key elements, but they didn't mention the fact that with Pressgangers gone and Journeyman Leagues gone, there's no point to them at all. In MKI they were half your army or more, and now if you count in the free models you get from theme forces they are less than a quarter. They made the point that PP has too much items and it's impossible to stock them all, so now that we have Army Boxes, the battleboxes should be the first thing to go.

When wrapping up, they were asked to list what they saw as positive/hopeful about the game, and one of them actually mentioned model conversions! From a company that will only send you extra bitz by accident...
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Re: State of the Game

Post by Knight »

With latest balancing around scenario play, game is in pretty decent state.
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Re: State of the Game

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Cela pricaa s Infernalima je interesantna, Moglo bi da se igra jesenas i zimus.:)
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